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Solution Options

Code-Registry has been specifically designed to give retail managers control over internal business procedures. The following options can be adopted to different retail store situations to suit your time and budget:

Corporate Website Integration:
Integrate Code-Registry into your existing website for a seamlook look. Customers can browse your website and access the gift-registry without ever having to leave your website address. (Compatible host provider required)

Product Barcode Scanner:

Using a Symbol Handheld Barcode Scanner, customers can add product items into their wish list directly from the store floor. A wireless handheld application automatically updates their gift registry online, and in real-time.

Custom Product Database:
This gives retailers the ability to organize product categories, descriptions, images, SKUs, etc. to match their internal product inventory system.

Incorporates online credit-card order processing with a secure online merchant account.

Enhanced Customer Service Modules:
If your company has unique customer service procedures for assisting gift registrants, Codemedia can add a customized module according to your specifications.

Enhanced Management Reports:
The options for management reports are endless. Customized reports can be tailored to meet your management reporting requirements.

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