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Codemedia's Gift Registry solution, Code-Registry, is designed for retailers who wish to provide a gift-registry software application to their customers without the large financial investment. Code-Registry is an online application that that can be adopted to different small to medium-size retail store situations.

Code-Registry maintains a balance between providing value for your customers, and providing internal management efficiencies. It enables registry users to create and track wish lists, and manage their customer profile from any web-browser. Customers can search registries, reserve and order gifts either from your store or from the Internet. Information is centralized at a server of your choice so company staff can monitor and update registry information from disbursed locations.

More importantly, Code-Registry has been specifically designed to give retail managers control over internal business procedures. Instead of having to change their existing systems and processes, Code-Registry is modular so functionality can be adopted gradually as it suits your time and your budget.

Whether you are a wishing to convert a manual registry system, or are implementing a gift registry for the first time, Codemedia's Gift Registry software solution makes sense.

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